Sunday, August 7, 2016

West Ham United vs Juventus Highlights & Full Match


Gallery football in Community Shield clash between Leicester City vs Manchester United ended to win Manchester United have we reviewed in previous articles, now a gallery of football will discuss Highlights & Full Match West Ham United vs Juventus that lasted London Stadium on August 7, 2016 with a final score Juventus 2-3 to win. As for the game and the process of the goals is as follows, where Juventus has scored a goal since the 18th minute through Paulo Dybala, three minutes and then turn to Mario Mandzukic who engraved his name on the scoreboard. Juventus 0-2 while the score is two points ahead of West Ham United. But in the 34th minute former Liverpool player Andy Carroll managed to minimize the position so that the score changed to 1-2 which lasted until the first round is completed.

In the second half exactly in 52 minutes Andy Carroll scored again, making the score to 2-2, and in the end Juventus convincing victory after Simone Zaza scored at minute 85. The following video Highlights & Full Match West Ham United v Juventus in a friendly match , Enjoy.


First Half

Second Half

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