Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Limited Edition Update Adidas Adizero 99g Football Boots


On August 2, 2016 Adidas officially released the world's lightest football boots with a limited edition that Adidas adizero 99g which is an update of the first launched in 2015. The soccer shoes Adidas adizero 99g is only issued as many as 299 pairs and is available starting today. In particular shoe is designed with a ball weighs half the size of a regular football boots, so you can shadow soccer shoes is very light, even lighter than the weight iphone 6.

Even though Adidas adiZero 99 grams football boots is the lightest football boots, but you do not have to worry about the affairs of strength and durability, because Adidas is already implementing some of the new features in this football boots. Let's say 1mm polyamide outsole features designed specifically to reduce weight, then a layer of advanced lightweight materials based on PU mesh uppers. Another feature is the Adidas adiZero 99g football boots comes with the frame construction which serves for stability and support. For matters of design, soccer shoes are designed with a modern style and has a bright color is white on the entire surface of the shoe. While on the back there is an iron shoe which later became one at the bottom of the shoe. For the price of Adidas adizero 99g you can see on the official website of Adidas directly.



Video Adidas Adizero 99g

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