Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Futsal Shoes Nike FootballX Safari Pack

Nike FootballX Safari Pack Review

On 18 December last Climb back out products newest edition FootballX futsal shoes Nike Safari Pack. History records that the starting point of the Nike FootballX Safari Pack this is since 1987, designed by Tinker Hatfield, where the first edition of the shoes adorned with ostrich print leather. While the issue of Nike FootballX latest Safari Pack consists of three types:

Nike HypervenomX 

Futsal Shoes Nike HypervenomX Safari Pack

On Safari Pack edition Nike HypervenomX is designed with the colors black, gray, and a little touch of bright colors, namely blue laser. At the bottom of the shoe is white, while the mainstay technology from Nike that ACC contained on this shoe.

Nike HypervenomX Video

Nike MagistaX

Futsal Shoes Nike MagistaX Safari Pack

For the design of Nike MagistaX futsal shoes Safari Pack edition is on the front of the shoe is black, and the middle to backward white with black spots. While at the bottom is a mixture of brown and white rubber.

Nike MagistaX Video

Nike MercurialX

Futsal Shoes Nike MercurialX Safari Pack

Nike MercurialX in a very elegant design that is a combination of black and orange color, thus forming a very harmonious color combination. At the bottom is designed with a dark color such as black.

Nike MercurialX Video

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