Friday, December 11, 2015

Football Boots Concave Halo+ SG

Football Boots Concave Halo+ SG

Gallery football boots will discuss about Concave football boots, whereas in previous articles I have discussed about Concave Volt plus football boots in design with a mixture of contrasting colors which colors one is black and the second color looks so bright black and pink, In this edition I still will discuss manufacturing output Concave Halo + SG football boots that football boots are a lot of people anticipated.

Concave Hello + SG football boots for the design is to have a base color light which is then combined with the other colors. There are two types of football boots with different colors for product Concave Halo + SG football boots, the first is football boots are designed with blue and white colors, while the second type of football boots are white and red. For those of you who want to see more clearly I have the video.

Football Boots Concave Halo+ SG

Video Concave Halo+ SG with Blue and White Color

Video Concave Halo+ SG with Red and White color

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