Monday, October 5, 2015

Limited Edition Adidas Messi 10/10 Football Boots

Limited Edition Adidas Messi 10/10 Football Boots

Adidas Messi 10/10 Overview

Adidas Messi 10/10 football boots is the latest released by Adidas for the star player is Lionel Messi with a limited amount. According to official information from Adidas football boots Adidas Messi 10/10 will only be produced as many as 100 pairs worldwide. Another interesting feature is that it is produced in limited quantities then for its sale will only be done in one day i.e. on 10 October to come, and only available at the Adidas store in Barcelona. Later each pair there will be a serial number in the dressing with premium leather, which of the 11 pairs of shoes left over from all over the world only to the maestro namely soccer shoes Adidas Messi with serial number 10/10, and the other will be sent to new players as a member of the Adidas campaign is supported by Messi.

Adidas Messi 10/10 Review

Not be complete if I did not review the soccer shoes limited edition of one of the world's best players. Adidas Messi 10/10 football boots have a classic design, with black being the color of the base color on these shoes, especially at the top of the shoe. On the heels contained gold metal with the top made of black premium leather. Also on the front of the shoe there is a Messi Team logo embossed. Adidas shoes Messi at 10/10 also contained signatures MessiFrame and GAMETRAX coated with gold color crimson.

Adidas Messi 10/10 Video

For those of you who want to see more details of a limited edition Adidas Messi 10/10 soccer shoes can see the video here. Thank hopefully this article can provide useful information to all who have visited this blog.

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