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Futsal Shoes Nike Colorways Pack

Nike Colorways Pack Overview

Futsal shoes from Nike's latest release is colorways Pack available for some types of futsal shoes like Nike MagistaX, Nike MercurialX, and Nike HypervenomX all of which are designed by combining bright colors with dark colors. Futsal shoes Nike colorways Pack edition is designed for the type of grass or indoor court, so you will look flexible when you want to wear it without being obstructed for this type of field. Following a review of the types of futsal shoes Nike colorways Pack edition.

Nike MagistaX Colorways Pack Review

For futsal shoes Nike MagistaX edition colorways This pack consists of two types, namely Nike MagistaX Proximo and Nike MagistaX Finale. Where to design Nike MagistaX Proximo futsal shoes is a bright color that becomes the base color of red combined with white on the bottom of the shoe. As for the design of Nike MagistaX Finale futsal shoes colorways Pack edition black base color on the surface of the shoe with a combination of a little red hearts. As for the bottom of the basic white-colored shoes like Nike MagistaX Proximo.

Nike MagistaX Finale Colorways Pack

Nike MagistaX Proximo Colorways Pack

Nike MercurialX Colorways Pack Review

For these types of futsal shoes olorwaysPack edition c are Nike MercurialX Proximo elegantly designed is a combination of gold and black colors. On the surface of the shoe has a gold base color, while the black contained in the Nike logo on the front of the shoe as well as the area around the shoelaces. To the bottom of the black color is the basis on futsal shoes Nike MercurialX colorways Pack.

Nike MercurialX Colorways Pack

Nike HypervenomX Colorways Pack Review

The last edition of the indoor soccer shoes Nike colorways Pack is HypervenomX that this time appear with a classic design, where black becomes so dominant in this futsal shoes. A little touch of white, red and brown rubber found on the bottom of the shoe is the main attraction.

Nike HypervenomX Colorways Pack

Futsal Shoes Nike Colorways Pack Video

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