Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Nike Magista 2 Mario Gotze Football Boots


Gallery Football Boots On 12 July 2016 yesterday officially released the Nike soccer shoes newest Nike Magista 2 and one of the professional players who wear them is Mario Gotze. As we all know that Nike Magista already starting from 2013, 2014, 2015, and until now 2016. Some types of soccer shoes are Nike Magista Obra and Nike Magista Opus is very well known and sold in the market. Even at major events, namely when the world cup in 2014 many of the players who have worn one of them is Spain Iniesta, as well as the euro in 2016 yesterday.

The famous designer of Nike Magista 2 are designer Nike soccer namely Phil Woodman who designed shoes with bright colors and features a high collar mid combined with Nike Flyknit technology. 

Nike Magista 2 release is in response to the complaints every soccer player that focuses on delivering a better feel for the ball. An expectation of the presence of Nike Magista 2 is their 

high level of comfort of any soccer player touching the ball as well in wet or dry conditions. Nike designers Magista 2 deliberately provide liquid colors to decorate these soccer shoes to 

make it look attractive destination in addition to other factors. Although Nike Magista 2 was released on July 12 last, but only available in sports stores on July 24 yesterday.




Video Nike Magista 2

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