Thursday, January 7, 2016

New 2016 exclusive of Concave football boots

Gallery football boots will discuss football boots exclusively present in the New Year 2016 from Concave, where the ball shoe company has recently released three types of football boots very exclusive as an opener in the 2016's. As for the three types of football boots are Concave Halo + SG Microfibre, Concave Quantum + SG and Concave Volt + SG. For further explanation of these three football boots you can read the following paragraph.

Concave Halo + SG Microfibre Review

Concave Halo + SG Microfibre

The first exclusive football boots from Concave is Halo + SG Microfibre which come with a design that is light colors of blue and white. Where the blue color becomes the base color on the shoes of this ball, then white as the color of a companion that looks more football boots exclusively found on the side, heel, and also the bottom of the shoe. While black shoelaces as well as color design on the inside of the shoe.

Concave Halo + SG Microfibre Video 

Concave Quantum + SG Review

Concave Quantum + SG

Exclusive football boots Concave second of these is the Quantum + SG are designed to involve a mix of two contrasting colors of black and orange. On the surface of the shoe are all coated with a blend of the two colors, and a balanced look nothing looks more dominant. Orange shoelaces, while the black parts of the shoe tongue. Being at the bottom of the orange-colored shoes with studs shoes made of iron.

Concave Quantum + SG Video

Concave Volt + SG Review

Concave Volt + SG

While the latter exclusive football boots issued by Concave at the beginning of 2016 it was Concave Volt + SG which comes in silver and an additional base color and blue color on the front surface of the shoe.  Tongue shoelaces and black, as well as on the bottom of the shoe.

Concave Volt + SG Video

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