Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Video A.S. Roma vs. Juventus Serie A TIM Match Day 25

Olimpico stadium located in Roma on Monday night lasted 02 March 2015 Serie A TIM continued the match day 25 of the A.S. Roma vs. Juventus is a big match game full of prestige and emotional in order to maintain and topped the Serie A TIM. The game was fierce; the hosts managed to master the game but could not find the net for meeting Juventus defense of it. The match which took place very strict and fierce itself ultimately detrimental to Roma, they have to play with 10 players after Vasilis Torosidis expelled from off for a red card. Juventus goal itself is present in minute 64 through a curling free-kick into the left side of the goal Roma. Newly created Roma goal back in the second half with a header Keita after receiving feedback from a corner kick. From the result of this match is not the slightest change the order of the standings of the two teams. I present the following video of the game between the A.S. Roma vs. Juventus in Serie A TIM match day 25, I hope you are entertained.

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